Interesting Facts about Animals

Fun Animal Facts!

  • Did you know a flea can jump 350 times its body length? I mean fleas aren't that big, but a humans certainly can't jump that far.
  • I found this interesting while watching a nature show on TV that a polar bears skin is black and it's fur is iridescent allowing them to soak up the suns heat.
  • Only the female mosquito bites. Good thing or we would have twice as many pesky mosquitoes around.
  • A Kangaroo is definitely a large animal, but at birth they are the size of a lima bean. Who knew!
  • There is only one mammal that is capable of flight and that is a bat.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest running dogs in the world. They can run up to 45 mph. That's really fast when you think about it!
  • Cats are able to make over a hundred vocal sounds compared to dogs only having approximately 10. Cats can be very vocal and can cry almost sounding like a human baby.

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